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  1. Tiffanie says:

    I did “God can make your life beautiful” with my 2-3 year old this morning and they loved it!

  2. Shanna says:

    These website is amazing! Such a blessing for y’all to take out the time to share these things with us! Keep them coming please! ????

  3. Tahari Austin says:

    What an awesome resource! The children are responding in new ways. thank you for these amazing Apostolic based lesson ideas!

  4. Daniel Forrest says:

    I’m literally here every week for object lessons. I love having these tricks and illustrations compiled in a pre-packaged Apostolic format. Very cool. Thanks for doing this!

  5. Brady DeGroot says:

    Did “Get out of your box” this week. It went well except I accidentally knocked the whole side out too early.

  6. Brady DeGroot says:

    It came completely out, so I kind of picked it up and tucked it in the side. Then continued on with the skit.

  7. Kathy says:

    Thank you thank you. This site is so refreshing and needed! I’m constantly coming back to it for these fresh and different ideas !!! And every time the kids are so surprised and love it
    Long time Sunday school teacher 🙂 Sis Bane
    Simple and very impactful. LOVE. “The box”. Planning on that one soon. Thanks 😃!!!!!!!!

  8. Travis Lee Vallejos says:

    Hi guys! I love your website. Did you guys try to do an upgrade? All the videos used to work on my phone and laptop. Now they are all choppy and doesnt fit on my phone screen. I hope you can figure out the problem soon. I really love utilizing your website for our Sunday School!

    • Oh no! We did change the theme on the word press site but I haven’t heard of any problems like that resulting. You can however go directly to the YouTube channel in the meantime by searching for apostolic Sunday school. I will look into it though.

  9. Anna Carter says:

    I would like for to send me a catalog on all of your Sunday school liture and books please for children and adults

    • Anna, I am really sorry but I don’t have anything like that available. This is just a site that I have put together on my own and as such we don’t yet have resources like that available. Hopefully one day though!

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