Hank the Repentant Hankie

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6 Responses

  1. I love the object lessons, it brings it to a level the kids can understand..

  2. Milinda Johnston says:

    Use bleach water using a dissolvable tablet. It works very well and a lot cheaper than the sodium sulfite. I purchased it at Walmart for a couple bucks. Evolve is the brand.

  3. Daniel Forrest says:

    Very cool. However, when I couldn’t get sodium sulfite in time, I discovered that it also works by putting the hanky into a container with bleach. It wasn’t an instant change, (about 5-10 seconds), so I used a container that wasn’t see-through. Still worked really well and Hank was clean again! Also, of course, please wear gloves and something to guard your clothes in case the bleach splashes. Ruined my pants. 🙂