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    Kayla McGuffey

    So this weekend we are having our Christmas parade. We will have our church van in it and walk beside passing out candy or toys. Do yall have any ideas on what to pass out or how to decorate a church van:-). We have passed out mini bubbles and slappy hands before. And I’ve thought about getting those mini frisbees and putting a sticker on top with our church info and throwing them from the van. But I’d love any other suggestions.
    ~Kayla McGuffey

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    Phillip Booker

    I feel so horrible for not having seen your question had a time and I am sure that your parade has Artie taken place. What did you come up with?
    We haven’t yet participated in our city’s parades but we would sure love to! Rather than giving you ideas I am really looking for yours 🙂
    Someone had mentioned giving out candy canes with a church card attached.

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    Kayla McGuffey

    🙂 No worries It seems like it took me just as long to get back. I guess I missed the email saying you responded. We ended up making a whole bunch of stuff out of balloons and strapping it all over our church van. It turned out pretty cool. We were worried at first that we wouldn’t fit under the traffic lights:) but those things are higher than you think. 🙂 You probably saw the picture on mine or Kidman’s Instagram.
    And we passed out glow sticks with folded return address labels around the end. It worked great other than it was raining and the labels started getting soggy toward the end. Those things are just crazy fragile so they kept breaking while we were putting the tags on 🙂 My kids thought that was awesome lol.
    I have passed out candy canes also. In the summer we have a huge parade and we pass out bubbles and slappy hands with our church info printed on the side.(oriental trading seems to be the cheapest place for that) Also Bottle water and mini Frisbees thrown from the float. Not many people will turn down free stuff 🙂

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