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    Phillip Booker

    I need to spur a couple of our streets on and see if I can help them get more kids… and ideas that you have tried that worked for you?

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    We did our first Sunday School (Kidz MAC) outreach in a VERY long time, we took a couple of kids and teenagers with us. We split into small groups in this one apartment complex. As my group finished up our section, we walked over to where my son (age 19) and his group was, to see my son running with a Nerf gun, and 5-6 little boys chasing him. These boys are now coming to our Kidz MAC. We learned outreach needs to be fun, and Sunday School needs to be twice that!

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    Phillip Booker

    I really like what you said about outreach needing to be fun. This is true not only for the bus kids you are reaching out to but also for the bus workers themselves! They should anyway, of course, from a sense of duty if nothing else but it being fun just makes it so much more appealing!

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